Artist in Residency

Programs offered

    Craft, dance, folk arts, music, storytelling, theatre, visual arts

Who is eligible to host?

    Pre-K-12 grades, underserved communities

How do hosts apply?

    Click here for our online form

How do artists apply?


    Hosts and artists must apply by September 1st of each year for programs in current school year (August-May)

Athens Area Council for the Arts has for more than three decades been fulfilling its mission to enrich the quality of life and make a difference for our community by providing opportunities for the expression and appreciation of the arts. An important part of our programming is the outreach opportunities we offer to local schools at little to no cost.

Schools and other programs who host artists in residency receive professional staffing and instruction by regional and nationally known artists and performers, as well as materials and space for programming (if needed). Artists receive honorariums as well as an opportunity to talk about their work and development with interested students.