The Arts Center is proud to display artisan crafts and pieces in the Artisan Corner. The Artisan Corner is dedicated to offering a space for local and regional vendors to offer their wares and pieces for sale to Athens and the patrons that The Arts Center brings. The vendors rotate regularly, offering new pieces and artistic gift options every month. Also, a featured artist alternates monthly with a discount of at least 15% off their goods.

The Artisan Corner offers varying goods from art to jewelry, woodworking to pottery, and textiles to photography. Come see what all the Artisan Corner has to offer during our regular office hours, Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm, and during special events, concerts, and shows!

Vendor Schedule

October 2019: Dixie Soaps, Daryl & Dawn Moses Woodworking, Jan Burleson Art*

November 2019: Scottie Mayfield Trees, Dixie Soaps,* Daryl & Dawn Moses Woodworking

December 2019: Scottie Mayfield Trees,* Dixie Soaps, Rose Cloud Gifts

January 2020: Scottie Mayfield Trees, Rose Cloud Gifts,* Andy Phipps Pottery

February 2020: Karen Stewart Jewelry, Rose Cloud Gifts, Andy Phipps Pottery*

March 2020: Tone Haugen-Cogburn Textiles, Karen Stewart Jewelry,* Andy Phipps Pottery

April 2020: Tone Haugen-Cogburn Textiles,* Karen Stewart Jewelry, Sandy Brown Art

May 2020: Tone Haugen-Cogburn Textiles, Sandy Brown Art,* Howling Wolf Gifts

June 2020: Yvette Alexander Pottery, Sandy Brown Art, Howling Wolf Gifts*

July 2020: Yvette Alexander Pottery,* Cindy Dender Jewelry, Howling Wolf Gifts

*Featured Artist of the Month