Your support matters…

We’re closing to remain hopeful in the face of great uncertainty. We acknowledge that hope is a luxury man are without at present and our hearts and prayers are with those without work, those struggling to meet basic needs, those who are ill, and those full of fear.

The arts are one of many industries deeply threatened by financial loss. The nonprofit arts & culture field employee 4.6 million people in the US and generates $166 billion in economic activity. On March 27, Americans for the Arts reported that the industry is facing a $3.6 billion (and growing) loss in revenue due to COVID-19.

Our work is essential to the quality of life for our community (and economic stimulus) evidenced by our forty-year legacy, and we are grateful to our friends who’ve ensure our four decades of success.

We hope, if you’re able, you’ll continue to support local artists and The Arts Center.

Until “the curtain rises” we’re developing was to continue to uphold our mission in a safe, sustaining way for all of us.

General Donation – To AACA or a Local Artist

General donations to AACA are tax-deductible. “General” donations are financial gifts not designated as Membership. Contributions of any amount are critical to the success of AACA and we are truly grateful for your support.

Would you like to offer financial assistance to a musician, artist, or actor? Tell us who when you donate below or via check to PO Box 95, Athens, TN, 37371 and we’ll make sure your gift reaches the artist!

Arts Partner – One-time annual gift to support operations

Pillar, Builder, Friend

Rewards: Name in newsletters, programs, and on website; 10% off in The Art Market; discounted classes.

Director’s Guild Member – One-time annual gift to support operations 

Producer’s Chair, Director’s Chair, Artist’s Chair

Rewards: Name in newsletters, programs, and on website; 10% off in The Art Market; discounted classes; and advance ticket sales and discounts on day-of ticket sales.