Patreon FAQ

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a third-party platform (AACA does not own the website) designed to help artists earn revenue for creating work.

Why is AACA using Patreon?

  1. The Arts need your help right now. We’re asking for this monthly subscription fee to generate a revenue stream to help us continue to fulfill our mission to provide arts opportunities during a challenging time.
  2. The Arts are valuable. While we believe the arts should be accessible to everyone – no questions asked – we also believe it’s important to associate a monetary value with art.

Why is the monthly fee $15?

We based the monthly fee off of one adult ticket in our last program year. Our thought was that many subscribers would be happy to donate at least the cost of one ticket during months when they would normally have attended one or more Arts Center events. VIP Patrons may elect to contribute more than $15 per month, however, $15 is the minimum to subscribe.

It says that they will charge my card on the first of the month, and it is nearly the end of this month! Will I have to pay when I sign up AND when it auto-renews on the first of the month?

No! Your first charge will come on the first of the upcoming month. If you sign up on July 29, you will not be charged until August 1.

I’m not sure about a monthly subscription, can I just pay per event?

Our account does not allow us to receive payment per event. You can, however, cancel your subscription at anytime so it is possible to sign up as a VIP Patron for the single month during which the program you’re interested in will be available.

When will content be uploaded to Patreon?

We upload content at 12am midnight the day it is said to be released. For instance, the first episode of Hamlet was uploaded and released to viewers the morning of July 24 at 12am.

Do I have to watch content when it is released? How long will it be on Patreon?

We will leave videos and content on Patreon for a while, most likely a month after it is posted. This allows you plenty of time for you to watch the videos as their released or binge-watch collections at once if you want.

How will I know when things are uploaded to Patreon? How will I view them?

You’ll be notified at the email you use to register when new content is posted to Patreon. Patreon is basically another Facebook, when you log on as a subscriber, you will see all of our posts on our page. When you want to watch, just scroll down to the video and click play, just like on your favorite social media platform! Feel free to “like,” and comment on posts as well to engage with other VIP Patrons.

Can I watch your videos on my TV, or can I only watch on my phone or laptop?

You can screen-cast our content to your TV easily! Just check out the video we made explaining how to here.