AACA welcomes members any time of the year. Membership options and rewards are listed below.

Arts Partner Member-One-time annual gift

Rewards: name in newsletters, programs, and on website; 10% off in The Art Market; and discounted classes. Join AACA as an Arts Partner Member. (Clicking on the link will take you away from our website, to our ticket agent.)

Friend $50 – $99

Builder $100 – $149

Pillar $150 – $249

Director’s Guild Member-One-time annual gift

Rewards: Name in newsletters, programs, and on website; 10% off in The Art Market; discounted classes; and advance ticket sales and discounts on day-of ticket sales. Join AACA as a Director’s Guild Member. (Clicking on the link will take you away from our website, to our ticket agent.)

Artist’s Chair $250 – $499

Producer’s Chair $500 – $999
Director’s Chair $1,000 & up

All donations to AACA are tax-deductible.

Become a Sustaining Member!*

How do you become a Sustaining Member?

These days every penny counts. Joining AACA as a Sustaining Member enables you to make a significant impact on AACA’s programming with just pennies a day. AACA will charge your credit card or debit card once a month or once a quarter for the amount you designate – $5, $50, or any amount!

*Sustaining Membership cannot be processed online, please call The Arts Center at 423-745-8781.

New for 2016! Become a Supporter!

Supporter-One-time annual gift of $1 – $49

Rewards: Name in annual membership newsletter and on website. Join AACA as a Supporter. (Clicking on the link will take you away from our website, to our ticket agent.)

Here’s how to make your contribution by mail:

Please send a check made payable to:

PO Box 95
Athens, TN 37371-0095

Please include the following information:

Name &/or Company Name

Address, City, State, Zip

Email Address

Phone Number

Thank you to our current Members…

The Director’s Guild

Director’s Chair

Judy & Bill Biddle
Jan Burleson & G. David Brown
Campus View Apartments
Cindy Coulson & Harley Knowles
Judi & Shelley Griffith
Mimi Jones
Ellen & Art Kimball
Laura & Mullie LeNoir
Debbie & Rob Mayfield
Hoyl Priest
Meredith Willson
Mintie Willson

Producer’s Chair

Sally Anderson
Clarice & Dean Baggett
Sandra & Mike Boyd
Susan & Hal Buttram
Kristin & Hendree Harrison
Carole & Davis Haynes
Mia Matias & Mike Leonesio
Lisa & Scottie Mayfield
Sarah & Chris Maynard
Kathleen & Walter Payne
Sylvia & Dick Pelley
Janice & Bob Roseberry
Rachel & Mickey Suarez
Willson Family Fund c/o Paul Willson

Artist’s Chair

Kathy & Mike Bevins
Jodi & Raymond Barr
Bunny & Cliff Blackburn
Nancy Chinchor
Carole & George Cinci
Whitney & Matt Coe
Anna & Randy Cook
Joyce Cox
Judi & Cary Davis
Sylvia Gossett
Patti & Jim Greek
Jennifer & CD Hardison
Becky & Dale Kennedy
Mary & Rick Kennedy
Natalie Leonesio
Brenda & Foy Mitchell
Freddie & Jim Nelson
Cynthia Norris
Optimist Club of Athens
Ella & Rick Parker
Annette & Roger Robertson
Sue & Charlie Senn
Lauren & Chris Shepherd
Karen & Dave Siklosi
Amy & Stuart Sullins
Christa & Trey Sullins
Pam & Rick Thigpen
Sydney Trew
Gisela & Peter Van Ness
Anne Wright

Arts Partners


Greg Altum
Sherry & Johnnie Carter
Pat G. Christopher
Kathy & Charlie Clark
Trish & Bill Drury
James Dodson
The Dycho Company, Inc.
Pat & Bill Garrett
Liz & Glen Ingram
Julie Jack & Jerry Hagaman / Art + Frame
Helen & Don Kettenbeil
Lois & James Klecha
Dixie & Buddy Liner
Greg Moses
Lynn & Bo Perkinson
Anne Saravo
Kay & Mike Simmons
Anna Smeltzer
Verdine & Jim Thompson
Mary Watkins


Julie Adams & Steven Sliger
Teresa & Andy Anderson
Joyce Baker
Brittany Barr
Janet & Steve Burce
Denise & Jeff Burleson
Linda & Bill Chesnutt
Angela Coleman
Sarah Cox
Sharon & Jay Crittenden
Judith Crothers
Amanda & Jordan Curtis
Dwain & Sally Ealy
Jean & John Ferguson
Betty Grater
Becky & Nelson Green
Patti & Bucky Hall
Debbie & Tom Hamilton
Sandra & Jim Hevelone
Evonne Hoback Hayes

Arts Partners, cont.

Builder, cont.

Jerry & Dale Hooper
Beth & Bryan Jackson
Lindsey & Andrew Kimball
Sarah & Ben Kennedy
Effaleda Lee
Jennifer Nunley & Brad Jewell
Beth & Jim Mercer
Frankie & Robin Pierce
Ozelle & Harold Powers
Peggy & Edwin Sliger
McRae Williams
Jean Wilson


Constance Barnes
Katie & Josh Bragg
Sandy & Ron Brown
Michelle & Curtis Crafton
Jean & Fred Creswick
Matt Dannel
Ann Davis
Ann & Ross Dodson
Carolyn Foree
Lauren & Tony Fox
Velva & Jerry Howell
Janet Irvin
Marsha & Bob Lucas
Lyn & John MacKersie
Julie & Charles Mayfield
Jamie & Bob McGinnis
Traci & Brad McKenzie
Patti & John Moessinger
Joshua Monroe
Gregory Moses
Stephanie & Randy Nelson
Julie & David Offutt
Nancy Perdue
Jessica Roseberry
Karen Stewart
Patty Snyder
Drucilla & Robert Taylor
Samuel Welty
Oneta Wright

Current as of January 31, 2017. Our membership records are updated monthly.