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Arts Partner Member-One-time annual gift or recurring payments

Join AACA as an Arts Partner Member and enjoy these perks.
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Friend $50 – $99
Builder $100 – $149
Pillar $150 – $249

Director’s Guild Member-One-time annual gift or recurring payments

Join AACA as a Director’s Guild Member and enjoy these perks.
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Artist’s Chair $250 – $499
Producer’s Chair $500 – $999
Director’s Chair $1,000 & up

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Thank you to our current Members…

Director’s Guild

Director’s Chair

Anonymous, Melissa & Jim Bagley, Jan Burleson & G. David Brown, Matthew Crabtree & Tyler Peaden, Ellen & Art Kimball, Nancy & Ron Kyzer, Laura & Mullie LeNoir, Debbie & Rob Mayfield, Jackie & Todd Newman, Janice & Bob Roseberry, Sue & Charlie Senn, Pam & Rick Thigpen, Lauren & Scott Trew, Patricia Trotter, Laurel & Charles Wood

Producer’s Chair

Anonymous, Clarice & Dean Baggett, Sandra & Mike Boyd, Martha Culvahouse & Jack Waggett, Larae & Phil Graves, Mia Matias & Mike Leonesio, Sarah & Chris Maynard, Brenda & Foy Mitchell, Ella & Rick Parker, Sylvia & Dick Pelley, Karen & Dave Siklosi, Rachel & Mickey Suarez, Pam & Rick Thigpen, Lisa & Joel Webb, Traci & Brad McKenzie, Frances Witt McMahan

Artist’s Chair

Leslie Arnold, Brittany Barr & Scott Sellers, Lisa & Mike Bell, Bunny & Cliff Blackburn, Whitney & Matt Coe, Anna & Randy Cook, Jedi Gabel, Patricia & Bill Garrett, Greeks Bearing Gifts/Patti & Jim Greek, Becky & Nelson Green, Patti Hall, Vivian & Cicero Hardwick, Carole & Davis Haynes, Mary Hendershot, Melissa & Doug Hutson, Sandra Kinney & Michael Stevenson, Lois & Jim Klecha, Natalie Leonesio, Lisa & Joe Littleton, Charles Mayfield, Optimist Club of Athens, Lynn & Bo Perkinson, Ellen Peach & David Reese, Lauren Shepherd, Kristin Schrader & Greg Moses, Kay & Mike Simmons, Gisela Van Ness

Arts Partners


Steven Akers, Sandy & Ron Brown, Melonie & Paul Carideo, Linda Chesnutt, Kathy & Charlie Clark, Leigh & Chris Clark, Joyce Cox, Courtney Crittenden, Sharon & Jay Crittenden, Lisa & Tony Dotson, Trish & Bill Drury, Jean & John Ferguson, Betty Grater, Pat Grayson, Kathy & George Krauss, Durelle & Gerald Linton, Autumn Lowry, Connie & Jeff Landrum, Elaine & Richard Newman, Sara Willett, Jenny & Buck Yates


Beverly Briody, Janet & Steve Burce, Carole & George Cinci, Sarah Cox, Penny & Doug Cross, Judy & Cary Davis, Sally & Dwain Ealy, Carolyn & Bill Foree, Tracy Gartmann & Dave Graybeal, Debbie & Tom Hamilton, Beverly Harrison, Mary & Parker Kimball, Diana Lowry, Juanita McClure-Lewis, Jaime & Bob McGinnis, Freddie & Jim Nelson, Vally & Foster Perry, Frankie & Robin Pierce, Savannah Rivera, Laura & Chris Smith, Andy Tate, Verdine & Jim Thompson


Greg Altum, Kelly & Bob Borwick, Susan Buttram, Ann & Ross Dodson, Kathy & Blan Dougherty, Frances Graves, Velva & Jerry Howell, Stewart Smith, Patty Snyder, Samuel Welty

AACA is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Recurring payments cannot be processed online, please call or visit.
Current as of March 31, 2021. Our membership records are updated monthly.

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