What does “ready to hang” mean?

We can now hang light, paper-based pieces that weigh less than 0.25lbs without a frame. Those pieces do not have to be “ready to hang.” However, any 2-D piece that weighs more than 0.25lbs must be framed and hangable on our system. This includes: canvases, work on wood or MDF, and anything with glass, metal, or other heavy material. See below for instructions.

At The Arts Center, we use an aluminum rod hanging system that requires a wired frame or base. The frame or base must also have a little weight to it. Certain Kinds of plastic poster frames and paper only frames or bases will usually not have enough weight to hang properly on our system. Likewise, metal, plastic, and paper “teeth” hangers will not work. The best way to hang work on our system is with a wire and D-rings. Alternatively you can place eye hooks with a minimum 3/8″ hole diameter on the back of the frame in the top corners. There are lots of tutorials online to assist you in this process, and it’s a good skill for artists to have. 

We understand that sometimes framing and prepping pieces for exhibition can be an expensive and otherwise confusing process. Please view the graphics below with photos to describe what we need, and if you have any questions or concerns that were not addressed here or that you still have questions about, please call 423 745 8781 or email media@athensartscouncil.org. We would love to help work with you and help you get your pieces ready for exhibition!

Special notes for EXPOSURE: AACA’s Photography Competition and Exhibit

1. All printed photographs must be matted, framed, OR matted AND framed. We will accept work printed on wood, metal, or other material, as long as it is
2. For matted-only photos: the mat and photo will be adhered to our wall using 3M strips that will not rip paint from the wall. Although the strips are rated to not rip paper, occasionally, the adhesive makes it impossible to remove without some paper coming with it. For this reason, we recommend framing all work.
3. For framed photos and those printed on wood, metal, and other materials: all frames must be wired, or be able to hang on our system. See above regarding our hanging system.

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