Frequently Asked Questions: Tickets

Bringing Children

Do I need a ticket for my child?
Any patron with a chair needs a ticket. We do provide complimentary admission to “lap children,” or small children who will remain in a patrons lap for the duration of an event.
How do I know if a show is appropriate for my child?

AACA is happy to answer questions to help you decide who is the best audience for any event and we aim to provide as much information as possible to help you and your family make the choice best for you.

Should I bring my child?

The Arts Center is a family-friendly environment. We encourage parents to research events and decide as a family if attendance if appropriate. We appreciate your consideration of the comfort and enjoyment of you and your child(ren) as well as the rest of the audience when making this choice.

COVID-19 Protocol

What is required of me as a patron to participate in activities at The Arts Center?
  • We are asking that patrons wear a face mask or covering while in the building
  • Please purchase tickets ahead of time, so we can easily seat you all and others in a timely manner while maintaining social distancing protocol
  • Please purchase the tickets for your family unit in one purchase. We will be seating by the order number, so if you make a purchase for one family with multiple orders, you will likely be seating separately.
  • Arrive at The Arts Center in time for your scheduled entry time to ease the flow of people through our lobby space
  • Refrain from congregating in the lobby or halls
  • Maintain proper social distancing measures pre & post-show/performance
What measures are you all taking to ensure proper safety and health recommendations and mandates are being met?

In accordance with state-regulated mandates, we are operating under measures of caution for the safety and health of our employees, volunteers, and patrons. With this, we are:

  • Daily screening of all staff for COVID-19 symptoms
  • Adding measures to clean and sanitize the building before/after all events and regular use
  • Adjusting theatre seating to allow for better social distancing between all parties
  • Introducing staggering entry times to allow for less congregation of people in common spaces
  • Temporarily ceased all concessions at intermission, and will be shortening the break during intermission to help keep congregating in common spaces to a minimum
  • Will be distributing a link to a virtual playbill to further reduce unnecessary contact
  • Require all staff to wear face masks and coverings when dealing with the public
  • Create a contact-free system of purchasing tickets and goods
  • Provide sanitizing stations throughout the facility for use


Night of the Show

Can I reserve a seat?

AACA is committed to making events comfortable and accessible for all. We will gladly reserve seats for patrons with wheelchairs, who are hard of hearing, or similar needs to fully enjoy a show.
Most events are general admission and seating is on a first-come, first-served basis. AACA Members may call the office to request reserved seats for household by 3pm the Friday before a performance.
Assigned table seating occurs for some events. When this is the case, AACA staff will give you the opportunity to let us know who is in your party so that you will be assigned to the same table.

Do you have concessions?

Unless an event is catered we sell concessions before a performance or during intermission. Generally waters, sodas, candy, and savory snacks are available for $1 per item.

What happens if I’m late?

The front doors are locked 15 minutes after showtime for security. Entrance and late seating is granted at the discretion of the house manager.
We request latecomers observe theatre etiquette and wait to enter the theater until a break between songs or scenes.

What time should I arrive?

Theatre doors open for general admission seating thirty minutes prior to a performance. We encourage patrons to arrive anytime after the lobby opens to provide ample time to view art, collect tickets, and find a spot in line.
Theatre doors open for AACA members forty minutes prior to a performance.

When does the lobby open?

The lobby, box office, and Willson Exhibit Room & Hall Gallery open one hour prior to showtime.

Where do I park?

AACA has a private parking lot and often have available parking in the Tennessee Wesleyan University parking lot directly across White Street.

Purchasing Tickets

Are tickets refundable?

Athens Area Council for the Arts has a no refund policy.

Can I exchange tickets?

The manager on duty may exchange tickets at her discretion, and only in extenuating circumstances; in general, AACA has a no refund, no exchange policy.

Can I Reserve a Ticket?

The only way to “reserve” a ticket is to purchase a ticket. AACA can only process a ticket order with payment. You do not have a ticket until you have completed a payment transaction.

What do I do with my ticket I can’t use?

You are welcome to share unusable tickets with friends. If your tickets are in “will call” simply tell whomever will be using your ticket to give the will call attendee the name of the person who purchased tickets. You are also welcome to call the box office 423-745-8781 and let AACA know who will pick up your tickets.

What is Will Call?

Will Call is located at the front reception desk in The Arts Center lobby and is a collection of purchased tickets available for pickup beginning one hour prior to a performance.
If patrons would like to pick up will call tickets before show night, they may visit The Arts Center during business hours and request that tickets be printed. Advance pickup is certainly not required.

When should I purchase tickets?

We recommend purchasing tickets as soon as you know you plan to attend an event. Events often sell out days before a performance and we cannot guarantee availability at any time.

Where is the Box Office?

The box office is where ticket sales are transacted at the front reception desk in The Arts Center lobby.

Reserving Seats

When can I reserve seats?

AACA programs are mostly general admission though there are a few circumstances that allow for reserved seating:
1. AACA will always reserve seating for patrons with accessibility needs.
2. AACA Members may always reserve seats upon special request by calling The Arts Center by 3pm the Friday before a performance. Members may reserve up to 4 seats, or the number of seats for the member’s household, whichever is greater.
3. Some events have assigned table seating when patrons may tell us whom they would like to sit with. AACA cannot guarantee specific locations, though we will seat parties together at a table upon request.

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