It’s Jazzy time again!

Streaming to Patreon

December 11 – January 11

Christmas and all of that Jazz continues the beloved tradition of “Jazzy Little Christmas” created by Pam Thigpen in 2006.

Join us for our classic Jazzy concert with a twist! This year, enjoy the classic sounds of Jazzy from the comfort of your home as we stream it via our Patreon account to our VIP Patrons. 

Athens Area Council for the Arts presents “Jazzy Christmas and All of That Jazz: From Our Home to Yours” – a holiday cabaret fit for a pandemic. The 2020 “Jazzy” program includes archival footage from 2015, 2017, 2018, and 2019 as well as a few pieces recorded for 2020 and is available only on Patreon.

VIP Patrons will see footage of longtime favorites such as Rusty Patterson’s “Little Drummer Boy” and Jennifer Kinard Blevins “All I Want for Christmas is You.” Regular concert goers will remember well poignant a cappella numbers like “I Wonder as I Wander” (2019) jubilant group numbers like “Nutcracker Jingles” and be delighted to see solo and small group numbers like CJ Garrett & Josh Bragg’s White Christmas (2015) and a fantastic piano duet from 2018.

The compiled footage includes vocal performances by 40+ singers ages 12+ including:

Aaron Martel, Abriel Hardaway, AJ Rhodes, Andrew Kimball, Art Kimball, Ashleigh Turner, Baruch Gabel, Brittany Duggan, Cade Hipps, Chris Livingston, Christina Sjoberg, CJ Garrett, Dave Graybeal, Emma Stratton, Hannah McCall, Jackie Dodd, Janet Martin, Jennifer Blevins, Jennifer Nunley, Jonathan Berry, Josh Bragg, Julie Offutt, Kay Simmons, Lauren Brown Shepherd, Leslie Arnold, Lindsey Kimball, Liz Schreck, Lori Royal, Maddie Yates, Madison Watts, Matt Dannel, Matthew Crabtree, Natalie Leonesio, Pam Bragg, Pam Thigpen, Raegan Graves, Rusty Patterson, Savannah Self, Tim Frazier, Tristen Rowland, Tyler Peaden, Whitney Kimball Coe

Musical accompaniment is provided by:

Ellen Kimball, Pam Thigpen, Brittany Duggan, Tristen Rowland, Savannah Self, The Joe Littleton Holiday Band 

Viewers should remember that most of the footage was originally recorded for archival purposes only. This means much of the audio and video quality is not at the production level viewers expect from digital content. These performances were recorded live and AACA invites you to watch, close your eyes, and pretend you’re in the Black Box. In the spirit of the season, we’re wishing you great joy, much music, and health & wellbeing until we can all be together again.

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