Front (clockwise from top left): “Hot Town” by Judy Yarborough Wright, “Turbulence” by Lee Glasscock, “Istanbul” by Judy Yarborough Wright, “Incredibly High” (front and back) by Sandra Paynter Washburn



featuring Mixed Media Inspired Artists: Jeanne Brice, Amanda Farris, Lee Glasscock, Lupina Poi Haney, Faye Ives, Peggy Jennings, Janice Burns Kennedy, Janice Kindred, Cindy McCreery, Kathleen Pacenti, Rhonda Rogers, Vicki Styons, Sandra Paynter Washburn, and Judy Yarbrough Wright

August 28 – November 3, 2017

Opening Reception

Friday September 15, 2017 at 5:30pm

The Arts Center


Athens Area Council for the Arts welcomes Chattanooga-based artists of Mixed Media Inspired Artists (MMIA), in the exhibit, Glimpses Through the Artist’s Eye.

The artists of MMIA explore acrylic and mixed media techniques taught by Sandra Paynter Washburn in classes and workshops taught at Art Creations at Hamilton Place. Sandra founded MMIA in 2015 to provide exhibition opportunities for her advanced students. Learning in an experimental way at first, the members of the collective have evolved into more deliberate and purposeful styles. As a whole and individually, members of the collective are producing a body of work to be seriously considered.

MMIA artists work as layerists, using additive and subtractive techniques to build surface imagery, texture and pattern. These artists work intuitively, yet remain mindful of composition, color theory and other art elements in the completion of their two and three dimensional pieces.

Jeanne Brice

Daughter of an artist, Jeanne Brice has always been interested and encouraged in the arts. She has taken classes in watercolor, sculpture, oils, acrylics, collage, mixed media. She has traveled to Provence with watercolor teacher, Durinda Cheek, and to Ireland with Acrylic artist, David Skinner.

Artist Statement

I love color, texture, and utilizing 3D items in my work. I have many family treasures that I’m trying to incorporate into my art work, to pass on to the next generation. Sandra Paynter Washburn has been an amazing teacher, giving me the techniques to incorporate my passion for a wide range of approaches to creating unique and meaningful pieces of art.


Amanda Farris

The final class Amanda Farris took before graduating from college was a watercolor class. It was so exciting seeing the paint running across the paper and realizing that she could make trees or sky from it that she was hooked right away. She began taking workshops and classes from various water media artists. Jane Stephenson, Rob Erdle and Doug Walton were most influential. She has also studied with Ann Bagby and Sandra Paynter Washburn. Both those artists influenced Amanda to begin painting in an experimental style.
Amanda graduated from Stephen’s College, Columbia, MO, and Texas Technological University, Lubbock, TX. She is a signature member of both the Southwestern Watercolor Society and Tennessee Watercolor Society.

Artist Statement

I am intrigued with colors, shapes and textures and I try to achieve a “presence” in the painting, a personality.If I don’t see it right away, I set it aside for a while. If I get a glimpse of the painting and I see something there I go back and continue. Sometimes this takes a couple of weeks, working on it a little at a time.
At other times, as I work on something, I feel a shift in my mind. Everything becomes clear–I know what goes in each area of the painting, the darks, lights, colors. I can “see” it all on the painting even though I have not painted it yet. All I have to do then is “wave my brush” over the paper and it paints itself. It is a gift.


Lee Glascock

Lee Glascock has studied under various accomplished artists including her watercolorist grandmother Agnes Standifer, Virginia Skipper, and Sandra Paynter Washburn. Lee is a founding member of MMIA. She is also a member of Tennessee Watercolor Society and In-Town Gallery. In addition to In-Town Gallery her work can be viewed at H Salon and North River Civic Center. Her work can also be seen at and Instagram: lee_glascock

Artist’s Statement

Art is my passion. I’ve always felt the need to create. It was unique projects and décor for my children when they were young, and then later jewelry design and watercolor painting. Most recently I have immersed myself in acrylic/mixed media painting. I have a tendency to create paintings that become a blend of abstract and representational, although I don’t limit myself to either. I love experimenting with different materials and finding new and interesting outcomes.


Faye Ives

Faye Ives was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She studied Fine Arts at the University of Chattanooga. She spent 2 years in New York City before returning to Chattanooga where she has pursued additional studies in art.

Artist’s Statement

I enjoy using patterns, textures, layers of different materials and color to suggest shapes and create venues for the viewer.


Lupina Poi Haney

Lupina Poi Haney has an associate degree in Commercial Art from New York City Community College and BS degree in Art Education from UTC. After graduation and while raising a family,she taught art at an inner city high school, a male prep school and a faith based elementary school.
Later as a managing business partner,Lupinawas able to use her commercial art background creating and designing in house publications.
After retirement and other life changing events, she began taking art classes again and found that the passion she felt for art being rekindled. Her work is in private collections throughout the United States.

Artist’s Statement

As the daughter of a Caucasian mother and a Chinese father I had the best of both worlds growing up. My parents loved the arts and our home held a collection of fine arts and crafts from both Asia and Appalachia.
Growing up in NYC gave me access to all the museums and I spent many memorable hours admiring the works at the MOMA, Guggenheim, Cloisters and Metropolitan. My favorite artists and an inspiration in my work were the Impressionists.
By combining the influence of my growing up years in New York City (structured and angular shapes) with the Tennessee years (organic movement) I began to use mixed media techniques to create my paintings and assemblages.


Peggy Jennings

Peggy Jennings has worked in oils, pastel, watercolor and acrylic.She has been a Bob Ross Instructor and has taught children and adults. Peggy has taken various workshops and classes from different artists. She studied watercolors when incollege by TK Martin of Review and Herald Printing, Inc. Presently she is enjoying mixed media taught by Sandra Washburn and is secretary of the MMIA art collective.

Artist’s Statement

I love art and I love color. I don’t want paintings to look like photographs, but to look like a piece of art from the soul of the artist. I desire to bring interest and joy in my paintings that the viewer will enjoy and cause them to think!


Janice Burns Kennedy

Janice Kennedy has a BS degree in math and physics.After retirement she began to explore the arts through studies of watercolor, acrylics, and wood turning. In addition to be being a charter member of MMIA, she is a member of the North Georgia Sky Painters Society. She is also a member of Civic Arts League, Inc. of which she was President from 2013-2015. She has an online shop which can be accessed through
In addition to studying art since retirement, she has also volunteered her time working in various community activities. She has worked with the Friends of the Catoosa County Library serving as Art Coordinator to bring art in for public viewing. She also serves as a short term foster mom for abandoned animals through the Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care.

Artist’s Statement

Before I began studying art, I looked at my surroundings but never really saw them. The details and colors had never been fully appreciated. I find much inspiration in the details of nature. In composition, I’m especially drawn to bolder colors and texturing. I derive much satisfaction by creating challenges for myself in subject matter as well as composition. If I can create an interesting piece that speaks to each viewer in a personal way then I have accomplished my goal.


Janice Kindred

Janice Kindred has studied mixed media art under Sandra Washburn for five years. She began showing her art in 2012 at Reflections Gallery in Chattanooga.
She became a founding member of Mixed Media Inspired Artists in 2014 and joined In-Town Gallery in 2015.

Artist’s Statement

The phrase ‘mixed media’ means I have the right to hoard the used, torn, broken, discarded and lost items I desire. I search and find items while shopping and peeking into their trash cans, I pick up items along my walks and I comb construction sites for useful cast offs.
When I create, any of these items are subject to altering and changing. Most are unrecognizable from the state I found them. Hopefully the shapes you see in my art inspire you in some way.


Cindy McCreery

Cindy McCreery is a North Carolina native, now residing in northwest Georgia. She is a mixed media artist working with acrylic paints and other elements. Cindy seeks to paint her abstract impressions of nature by utilizing color, light, shadow and shape, and strives for intuitive, spontaneous expression. She is an active advocate for the arts, believing strongly that the arts are community assets that should be accessible to all.


Kathleen Pacenti

Kathleen received a BS in print reproduction which led to a career in graphic design for many years. She then began studying acrylics and mixed media under the guidance of Sandra Washburn.
Kathleen is a teacher as well as an artist. She has taught art to children for the past five years in an after school art program called Children’s Art Place. She also teaches a week long summer art camp for children at Art Creations in Chattanooga.
In addition, she is a founding member of Mixed Media Inspired Artists. She has exhibited her art in many galleries in Tennessee and Georgia.

Artist’s Statement

My art consists of bright vivid colors and light. I enjoy playing with color, and acrylics allow me this opportunity with great diversity. My exploration into the world of mixed media has been a discovery of endless possibilities. Utilizing different techniques such as stamping, stenciling and palette knife application and incorporating mediums like gels, pastes and found materials satisfy my artistic inclination. I’m inspired by nature, architecture, interior design, and other artists. Most of my paintings contain both abstract and representational components. I strive to convey an element of beauty in all of my paintings.


Rhonda Rogers

Rhonda was raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee where she was always exposed to visual and creative arts. She became a student of Sandra Washburn in 2012 and is a member of the Mixed Media Inspired Artist group. Her works can be seen at the various MMIA gallery shows.

Artist’s Statement

I have developed a love of mixing colors, layering mixed media, and using various textures in my art. I hope to engage the viewer to reflect, escape, and have a few peaceful moments as they enjoy the art.


Vicki Styons

Vicki first picked up a paint brush about the time she retired from a long career of teaching high school students. She found the creative outlet to be challenging and thoroughly enjoyable. She is most comfortable using a mixed media approach to her art.

Artist’s Statement

As an artist, I wantto evoke some emotion or wonderment in the viewer about the painting. If it is a face, the observer might conjecture about what one is thinking or feeling or perhaps an abstract can create a mood. I generally like for my pieces to be uplifting and fun.


Sandra Paynter Washburn

Sandra Washburn is an artist and art educator who maintains a home studio on Mowbray Mountain, TN. She is the founder and president of MMIA (Mixed Media Inspired Artists), a professional artists’ collective of Sandra’s longtime students.
Sandra is a signature member of National Watercolor, Southern Watercolor and Tennessee Watercolor Societies. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including The Artists Magazine. She currently teaches exploratory acrylic and mixed media classes at Art Creations at Hamilton Place, as well as other venues around the Southeast.

Artist’s Statement

I would describe myself as an intuitive artist who enjoys most the ritual and process of art making. Instead of deciding on an image, drawing it, then painting it, I like to keep my mind open, to interact with the materials and the substrate to see where they might lead me. I begin by first applying texture and color to the surface, then I lay down layers of papers, paint, texture, and mixed media until I arrive at an appealing surface. From there, I try to identify a message, composition or image by evaluating the work I’ve done. Once I have a goal in mind, I refer to principles of design and color theory to assist me in the completion of the piece.


Judy Wright

Judy Wright has had a lifelong art career studying medias such as watercolor, oils, acrylics, clay, sculpture, and fiber arts. She has formal training as well as many workshops and classes to continue her education. Currently she is being mentored by Sandra Painter Washburn and incorporating all of her accumulated knowledge and training into her mixed media art.

Artist’s Statement

I consider visual art my primary form of creative expression. Whatever medium I choose, during the creation stage, I dialogue with the piece. The art speaks to me, telling me what I need to do to make it complete. The talk continues until the work is complete. Then, I am ready for the painting to continue its conversation with its viewers.