Detroit to Memphis: Greatest Hits

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“From Detroit to Memphis” debuted in March 2018 as part of AACA’s House Blend Concert Series. The event, co-directed by Pam Bragg & G. David Brown, featured tribute performances of legendary Blues songs recorded in one of those industry-celebrated cities. The original show was a sold-out sensation, which led producer G. David Brown to propose a second installment the following season.

March 2019’s show “Detroit to Memphis: The Road to Muscle Shoals” was an anthology of songs recorded in another legendary Blues town, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Bragg & Brown again compiled a standout show featuring regional talent.“Detroit to Memphis: The Road to the Blues” was, according to creator G. David Brown, the conclusion of a trilogy. The final installment of the show featured a collection of songs representative or evocative of the genre.

Affectionately referred to as “DTM” by AACA’s performance committee, the concerts are among the most celebrated and best attended in recent years. Audiences loved the powerful musical performances and particularly enjoyed the narrations from the light booth, which provided historical information and context. When AACA decided to create a virtual “throwback” concert we knew exactly where to turn.

“Detroit to Memphis: Greatest Hits” is a compilation of top picks from the recordings of each of the three live shows. The online show will include new narrations by G. David Brown and features performances by….[stay tuned].

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