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October 9 – November 9, 2020

Written & Directed by Bob Borwick

Music Direction by Pam Thigpen

Assistant Director Kelly Balch Borwick

AACA’s 2016 Theatre Camp performance of A Day in the Life will be released online only to our Patreon subscribers. Patreon is our platform for digital content and is a subscription service. Think of it sort of like Netflix for The Arts Center.

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Parker Arnett, Cecilia Blackledge, Emma Blackledge, Precious Brown, Hannah Chesser, Jacob Dockery, Shaffen Dotson, Rylan Fugate, Jedi Gabel, John Gabel, Emily Gruver, DJ Harmon, Casey Jones, Alex Lauterbach, Ashlee Locke, Emmy McKenzie, Lydia Nelson, Seth Nelson, Claire Offutt, Emily Offutt, Miriam Offutt, & Camden Parr

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