Sunday February 16 at 6:00 PM

Monday February 17 at 6:00 PM

Abridged & Directed by Colby Pilkey

Show Dates April 17 – 26, 2020

Tickets $15/adult & $10/student*

Needed actors ages 13 and up

How to prepare… bring a prepared monologue (preferably classical text)

Anyone interested in being involved with an ACT production in any capacity (stage management, technical production, etc.) should attend auditions.


Casting Principles

Significantly more people will audition than will be cast in the show. ACT encourages every actor to keep auditioning. While casting choices are up to the director and creative leadership team  – Athens Community Theatre does have official casting principles:

When casting a show Athens Community Theatre DOES…

  • Welcome everyone to audition whether new to ACT or a returning participant
  • Commit to casting the best person in a role and recognizes that casting decisions are a director’s prerogative. Each director will cast the best person for the role in accordance with his or her respective creative vision
  • Expect auditioners to examine schedules and anticipate any and all conflicts and commit to full participation if cast
  • Recognize the importance of ethnic diversity and encourages all directors to select a diverse cast
  • Consider previous experience of working with an actor including and not limited to: reliability, ability to work well with others, adherence to policies and, additionally for minors: parent/guardian reliability, adherence to policies, ability to work well with others in support of common goal

When casting a show Athens Community Theatre DOES NOT…

  • Discriminate on basis of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity and does prioritize an individual director’s creative vision as related to the casting of each production
  • “Pre-cast” or give any guarantee of any role to anyone – current ACT performer or not – before auditions are complete
  • Penalize those who specify interest in a single role only
  • Intercede on a personal, political, or financial grounds – we do not adhere to a “pay to play” mentality

Participating in a Show

If you are cast in a show it is a HUGE commitment for an entire family. ACT does our best to be upfront about our expectations and what we ask you to commit. We’re also upfront about our commitment to you and your family to ensure your child is safe, inspired, and has the best experience possible learning through the performing arts. A parent or guardian must read all materials provided (via email) and attend a welcome meeting to learn about AACA/ACT practices, policies, and expectations.

*Online Pricing reflects transaction fee. Tickets available 4-6 weeks prior to opening night.