Friday October 11 & 18* at 7:30 PM

Saturday October 12 & 19 at 7:30 PM

Sunday October 13 & 20 at 2:00 PM

*Cocktails with Characters: Costume Edition

Friday October 18 at 6:30pm 


Directed by Traci McKenzie

Music Directed by Joe Littleton

Choreography by Jedi Gabel

Tickets $15/adult & $10/student** (10/18 Special Event, $20)


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The Cast

Bobby Bee, Gomez Addams

Kelly Borwick, Morticia Addams

Bailey Dufty, Fester Addams

Emerson McKenzie, Wednesday Addams

Alec Morrison, Pugsley Addams

Annette Dufty, Grandma Addams

Jimmy Kirkland, Lurch Addams

Braden Stillwell, Lucas Beineke

Jennifer Nunley, Alice Beineke

Ben Burchfield, Mal Beineke

Brittany Morrow, Flight Attendant Ensemble

Natalie Leonesio, Native American Ensemble

Hannah Adams, Bride Ensemble

Larae Graves, Saloon Girl Ensemble

Courtney Crittenden, Flapper Ensemble

Madison Watts, Gypsy Ensemble

Blake Chastain, Founding Father Ensemble

Jedi Gabel, Puritan Ensemble

Alex Dufty, Caveman Ensemble

Baruch Gabel, Gambler Ensemble

Cameron Cleveland, Conquistador Ensemble

Michael Webb, World War Soldier Ensemble

The Crew

Traci McKenzie, Director

Joe Littleton, Music Director

Brad Jewell, Assistant Director

G. David Brown, Technical Director

Lisa Littleton, Stage Manager

Jedi Gabel, Choreographer

Stefani Burchfield, Set Design

Jan Burleson, Lights

Jason Carusillo, Sound

Jacob Brown, Tech

Autumn Lowry Carusillo, ACT Manager

Lauren Shepherd, Executive Producer

The Story It’s a dismal day at the Addams family’s manse, with the ever-approaching storm clouds reflecting the gloomy atmosphere that has beset the household. Daughter Wednesday, now eighteen years old, has found herself experiencing a surprising new sensation, one that frightens both her and her family: she has fallen in love. Lucas Beineke, the object of her affections, comes from a seemingly normal family, and he and his parents Mal and Alice are on their way to the Addams’ estate to become better acquainted with the family over dinner. Brother Pugsley, who has been largely ignored since Wednesday’s involvement with Lucas, begins to miss the attention his sister previously paid to him and pleads with her to torture him once more. Meanwhile, mother Morticia finds herself conflicted over her ever-maturing daughter’s newfound feelings, while oblivious father Gomez simply wishes things would remain the way they were. As they learn to relate to the Beinekes and cope with Wednesday’s romance, one thing is certain: the Addams family will never be the same.

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