40th Anniversary Art Contest & Art Hunt

Create & deliver art and list by: September 27

FREE | Grades K – 12

Why choose this experience?

  • reward creative students
  • visibility for artists
  • students design reusable bags

Step One: Students Create Art (Deadline September 27)

      • Theme is to interpret The Arts Center logo in honor of AACA’s 40th Anniversary! Students should create an imaginative version of the logo that would be eye-catching on a grocery bag [layout should remain the same, students are encouraged to introduce new colors, fonts, backgrounds, layers, etc.]
      • Finished product MUST be on legal (8 1/2 x 14) paper and LANDSCAPE orientation to be eligible for grand prize
      • Winners selected based on adherence to rules and theme and those that are eye catching and creative

Step Two: Winners Selected

    Teacher or administrator selects top 5 pieces from each grade and delivers work and parent permission slips to The Arts Center by Thursday September 27.

Step Three: Art Displayed & Art Hunt To Determine Finalists

Step One: Students should visit participating downtown businesses to find their artwork between October 12 & 25.

Step Two: Students should deliver their artwork to The Arts Center by 5pm Friday October 26.

Step Three: Students who find and deliver their artwork will be exhibited at The Arts Center as a finalist October 28—November 8.

Step Four Finalists on Display

All finalists (students who find their artwork between October 12 and October 25 and deliver to The Arts Center b y 5pm Friday October 25) exhibited at The Arts Center October 30 – November 8.

A committee will select two grand prize winners whose art will be reproduced on reusable grocery bags.